Why are fanservice models bad for video games? - Sony implements new policy censoring Japanese games for possible fanservice content

Dec 25, - Adult video games were once totally edgy and taboo. being a very clear one of those, simply combined with more fan service. The characters are what make this retro game comically bad. The game starts off with a quick tutorial, using live video cutscenes of a very bored-looking model in front of a.

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May 18, 10, 0 www. I find the outrage over Palutena's 2 focal camera views to be funny, because It's Japanese animation and tokusatsu tradition that is identifiable in works of ANY age group. Sure, you could argue it's to concentrate on beasts and the slit of her dress, but even those are unique details to her that show that she's more mature than the average Nintendo female.

They also didn't overdo any of it; We didn't see the curve of her butt, or overly-bouncy breast. I think it's the playful, more raven hentai gif porn videos nature of Palutena that makes her a refreshing character beyond the Disney Princess Storybook style nature of Rosalina or Peach. This same exact segment could happen with a man, showing off the sword on his hip, and the royal crest on his chest; would that be taken as sexual then?

It still would be in the vicinity of body parts that are attractive to those of the opposite sex. It IS really cheap and more insulting to their own works than I think many of them realize.

But there's little issue with having some fun with the charming characteristics of a character. It IS a part of them, and to constantly circle around the issue, and pretend it's not noticeable, is actually kind of insulting.

Focus on his generic haircut! It's to place proper amounts of it into appropriate time and place, and handle it with maturity and fineness. A person or group has more impact when they become hellbound boobies active participant in an issue, rather than when they sit on the sidelines, and pretend it never existed.

PK Gaming Member. Jun 9, 21, 1 ON, Canada. Palutena was pretty awesome in Kid Icarus: Uprising, at the very least. Oblivion Fetishing muscular manly men in skintight hosery. Jul 17, 42, 2 0. Why are fanservice models bad for video games? way I see it, if I'm playing a game, I generally don't think "man, it would be really nice if there were some more scantily clad, buxom babes incorporated here". But if a game already comes pre-made with scantily clad, buxom babes like SCIV or Dragon's Crownwell, I don't really complain either.

Teeth Member. May 7, 2, 0 Badass design ties into badass characterization? That's good design. But its not like sexy tinkerbell hentai porn videos often tie into sexy characterization and when they do again, thats good cohesive designthey're just there. Not many people see objectification of women as an emergency.

Hence the why are fanservice models bad for video games? out thing. You need to make sure everyone feels the responsibility as oppose to a huge group. Oh, and let us not forget the most recent backlash when it comes to this sort of thing when people found out that Zero Suit Samus allegedly grew a cup size or two in SSB4.

SAB CA said: May 1, 4, 0 0 Yugioh card porn games. My sister is one of 'those' girls that posts on tumblr about feminism, but when I asked her about 'fan service' in games she said that there's fan service in everything, including real life, so there's nothing wrong with it.

Both men and women use their sex appeal as a strength. Bayonetta was designed by a womenif anyone didn't know. The games are produced by a women too, in the E3 treehouse the director mentioned that nintendo suggested removing her undershirt for the Link costume, which I think is cool of them to do. Feb 9, 3, 0 0.

I like to have all sort of experiences when playing games so I'm all for more complex and varied characters like in The Last of Us. And that's why Why are fanservice models bad for video games? actually like this sort of debates. Why are fanservice models bad for video games? because, this is an industry, a demand driven business, and it's up to developers and publishers to read their fan base or potential fan base. And sometimes, whether it's because they're swimming in profits or blinded by good reviews or some other reason see Assassin's Creed they just assume that everything their doing is right and that's the way to go.

So debate is definitely good, because it raises awareness to developers about what fans really want. The difficult thing to understand for why are fanservice models bad for video games?

people it seems, is that different people want different things. The thing is, I'm also all for Senran Kagura, and certainly there are lot of people who love their VNs, otome games, a bunch who love their hentai, etc, etc.

I mean, Why are fanservice models bad for video games? we're really going to treat games just as any other creative medium, we better start accepting all sorts of types of games. You don't have to like them or play them. There's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion about what kind of games you want actually you should if you care enoughbut try to consider that some games just may not be for you.

Like I said, voice about best lesbian xxx videos kind of games you want, create a demand.

Above all, convince developers that there are people who want their games in other ways.

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Censorship or why are fanservice models bad for video games? designed by committee are never a good alternative. Personally, it's about context. I have nothing against fanservice, let's say in games like Forest fortress sex scenes or Demon gaze. But if a game like The Last of Us had it, it just would ruin the whole experience for me.

Completely different games come with a completely different set of expectations. Also on a personal note, for me sexualization is not in any way the same as sexism, and it's not inherently a bad thing.

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For me is just emphasizing sexual attributes. There's nothing wrong with sexualized people, whether in real life or fantasy.

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It's how you stand as person toward it that matters. It's your attitude towards why are fanservice models bad for video games? that can be sexist. Teeth said: I haven't really formed an opinion either way on any of this material, but I would like to ask you about this, simply as a point of interest: Sex kim kardashian porn videos girlfriend works in a high school and occasionally tells me stories about some of the clothing choices of the women in her classes and I'm not sure what to think.

We both agree that no one should tell them how they should dress in a global sense and that they are not to blame for any sort of treatment they get, negative or positive, for what they wear. But the fact is: And that's just it, a lot of them do. Why are fanservice models bad for video games? A women, women from rich backgrounds, women from poor backgrounds, personality doesn't even seem to play into it. If it's hot out or even warm outthey are not wearing much in terms of clothing coverage.

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It's a look the American Apparel look, basically. There is no "personality" to dressing this way, they just do. Archery Yeah, the Dota design pattern is creating them from scratch while Riot just rips off other games, archetypes and common tropes. Pick Up Artist. I don't think you know how many actives a LoL player gets per game, but to be honest if you understood anything of LoL, you wouldn't play dota 2.

Riot ensures you kids only have to worry about maybe abilities to worry about why are fanservice models bad for video games? stacking warmogs and carvers. Mel you mean sexmate vr hd deluxe apk free download is a generic carry with 2 auto-attack enhancers, of course that's what dotababbys find fun, they can't have more than 2 actives and breath at the same time: Broodmother is one of the funner heroes in DotA because her broodlings bring a level of intense micro.

Elise is just another assembly line champion with a generic gap closer and skillshot snare, even her broodlings just automatically attack people because casuals. What is broodmother?

Just a spider? LoL is superior to dota 2 in every way, character design is just another thing in which dota 2 is hilariously pathetic and outperformed by LoL. Why are fanservice models bad for video games? Leona? Dota 2 is a big joke of a game, a parody of LoL only played by retarded babies, get rekt dotrash.

I'm pretty sure that Pendragon owned the site, because he's the one that would have owned the domain name and webhosting contract. The community just gathered there, and was free to gather elsewhere when it was taken down.

How do you not understand the basics of ownership? Man, I had no idea people were so butthurt about League of Legends. Why are fanservice models bad for video games? knows sex sells, Valve knows quality endures. Sex sells end of story. Do you really support this kind of underhanded behavior from professional game developers?

Riot knows their game has nothing going for it besides fanservice and casual pandering. His site to take down as he wishes. No, dressing accordingly would put them both in maid outfits.

Zyp You really do sound like a sheep. Graveblossom Which website is that? Because a lot of other people that worked on DotA Allstars went on to found Riot; it's entirely possible it was their website to take down as they wished. Mugguffen Ironstylus is also a smug piece of shit who gets people banned if they question his design style, not even joking look it up. Ironstylus says hi all the female champions he designs are fully armored, look at Leona, and more recently Quinn.

Goro Lol Let's not forget why are fanservice models bad for video games? Riot forceibly took down one of the most beloved Dota websites in an attempt to destroy the community and take it for their own. Yes I'm dead serious they did do this look it resident evil xxx. Zyp You're a fucking idiot. Valve hired both Icefrog and Zul to work on Dota2, Icefrog is the man who put in the greatest amount of development time and Zul is acknowledged as the creator of the genre.

The only thing Riot did was steal the concept and slap a pay2win system on it. When I gave the game a hesitant try back when it first came out I was shocked at all the fanservice, even the little girl character, Annie, runs around with her underwear visible.

Visual Novel Examples:

Riot has zero fucking class, all they know is pandering to sexually repressed 12 year olds. Personal reason for preferring LoL vs DotA2: DotA Allstars as it is today traded hands twice before Icefrog came to be in charge of its development. The character design follows that of WC3 units.

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LoL at least did. Mel Or Nami, basically a carbon copy of Siren with her scales opening up to show her tits.


Actually Joe if you want to make more comics pointing out Riots design process here's a list. Yeah, you can see how many also got sex changes.

However, I still remember the Lol Nidalee, caitlyn comments, and a lot more I probably forgot, and they could lay it on fairly thick with the innuendo.

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To finish, the only Valve overwatch dva bondage that really displays overt flirting vireo a succubus, literally a sex demon. In lol, they all talk like that. LoL is a joke, bad enough it's pay2win garbage but when you look closer at the dev team you start to realize that it's full of scumbags. Yes quite a few do show cleavage, to an extent.

However outside of that, they are fairly well covered, abd for Queen of Pain.

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Also, most of them have dialogues mostly about their abilities, only qop says sexual hints. I agree that Riot why are fanservice models bad for video games? pretty pathetic, their hero design is basically to steal a hero from Valve Broodmother and turn it into a generic anime slut.

I never understood why people want to bring nudeness and sex into games that doesn't normally contain it. There are nude custom skins for LoL models. There are Skyrim mods that mod sex in. You know there are porn games out there? If you want sex they are probably of better quality. You sure can't deny anything in LoL. Carry on. The only humanoid girl with LoL tier cleveage is Queen of Pain. So Valve IS better in terms of fanservice. No seriously, on the League forums people have been getting on the designers backs about it.

It's become quite the topic whenever a thread about it pops up. Since the females generally go Unreaveling Samus-esque armor, tight non-showing armor, boobs hanging out, boobs and some skin, bikini.

Okay I just went and counted and there are 6 female humanoids without cleavage and 9 female humanoids with. I didn't count Puck or Broodmother because they're monsters with female voices, which LoL also has in Anivia.

So is Valve really "better" in terms of having less fanservice? I don't cartoon mom and son sex porn videos how. Torchman If by "people" you mean "subhuman tumblr animals" then you're right people want less girls in cool skimpy clothes. Stop playing video games. This is a bizarre stereotype because pretty much every female humanoid in Dota 2 has cleavage showing except Luna.

Also girls in skimpy clothing is a good thing. So I'm not sure what Dota 2 fans are trying to act high and mighty about. I why are fanservice models bad for video games?

don't see why are fanservice models bad for video games? Dota 2 has less fanservice. Oh it's very true. LoL Champs: Just don't ask how does she teach them. If I want to see women as objects of desire for a bit, I have much better places to go than a milf town sex games game or the shaved pussy porn comic mocking it.

While I agree that more battle ready armor styles would be more appropriate for the setting, I understand artists sometimes preferring beauty over realism. Miss Fortune is commonly nicknamed Miss Fanservice, and the less played Sivir has a joke that essentially implies she's a dominatrix. And I quote, "You may call me Mistress, but only from your knees.

LoL Champs. Nidalee is worse than you think. She does a pole dance and jokes about being in heat.

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Janna's just allergic to pants. Nando Rock. Well, the concept of Elise, Priscilla, was way closer to brood, I think they canceled her because of how it was way too close to brood and definitely were going to be hated on for it. WoW, bro. I can't believe Bengie is cheating on Rengie!

Omdels want to hear a Dota joke?

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In Europe it's morning. What I first get from the internet Keep the good joke Jo! Holy Hot-nuggets Fanservice, Batman!!! Jo buddy, you are truly a man of your word.

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Nice to see our dirtiest wishes come true. Can we get a Can we get a comic of blue engine cosplaying as Girl Ranma? How to you lure in kiddies with raging boners to play your game?

Heres your answer people. Good job on the strategy LoL, im sure you need the money and Valve has plenty of that right now. modelss

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But that tactic is as cheap as misleading thumbnails on a youtube video. I missed the Argonian maid! Well, every LoL players knows this universal truth: LoL 1: But yeah, they're both spiders. Jo you are doing it right! I just did the sin of reading through the comments. Including Sir Dupre's comment. Would not read again, sir. DOTA 2 has yuri haven hentai references due to more extensive voice acting, I mean Come on paying attention at all?

video for models games? why fanservice are bad

LoL's character design, is theme centeric per character. When I think "Broodmother" I am forever reminded of that Now I have to unsee it all over again Thanks a bunch. I don't care what game is this. I like the fan service O- -'. Did Jo stab needles into his eyes? Come on, Jo.

But Jo!

Fan Service - Ruined Handjob JOI with Multiple Orgasms!

Maid is like second or third after Cheerleader and bunny-suit for fanservice quality Gotta love all the jokers insisting Dota is a more serious game than LoL. Nice international, it almost had more viewers than OddOne on an average day. Hauptmann Frank Jaeger.

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Oh great here we go again. The impending chucklefuck douchebags storming the place will escalate this pointless struggle again. Jo, are you sure you're moderating this place? Here's something about MOBA games: You only get one unit. Now shut up and play nice. Josh M. Free porn games for ps4 seen skimpier in Leagues of Legend, Why are fanservice models bad for video games?

of done Vieo Katarina, nothing more fan service that that, other then Miss fortune maybe. I approve of this turn of events. Hello fan service, how've you bxd You should come around more often. They might as well be two sides of the same coin when it comes to tactics and plays.

Softcore fanservice, gotta love it. The war in the comment section that Jo has just incited will surely be one for the ages. Legends will say that they are still fighting. She's a girl, she has practical protecting armor, she's awesome. I always looking forward to an appearance by the Lusty Argonian Maid.

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And Engie 1 doesn't seem too pleased about cosplaying Janna. Welcome back to the wre argonian maid. Dat fanservice! I mean uh Is good. Privacy Policy.

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What people are saying about "Panem Gay cartoon games Fanservicenses" Your message here Tweet Comments have been closed for this comic.

Sheriff over 6 years ago Dota2 has why are fanservice models bad for video games? fanservice Hero design imo. Rho over 6 years ago Argh Ok, deal with me here Rho over 6 years ago By the way, what happens if you're a female reader, like me? Daedalus gamss? 6 years ago Huh Ericles over 6 years ago I will say.

Anon over 6 years ago anon: Bindal over 6 years ago Naumhagatos: Anon over 6 years ago Anyone want a Dota 2 beta key?

/v/ - Video Games » Thread #

Naumhagatos over 6 years ago Naumhagatos: Naumhagatos over 6 years ago Read this entire shitstorm and you will see: Anon over 6 years ago None1: None1 over 6 years ago None1: The house itself is magical I guess, though they don't realize it, then somehow they come to the attention of gamfs? organization lead by a vidoe guy, and they begin observations, and when one of them confronts the crazy roommate he pulls out a ha None1 over 6 years ago Hey guys, need some help.

Several roommates in a h DotA v LoL over 6 years ago I find it odd how people keep bringing moedls denial as why DotA is better and more complex when why are fanservice models bad for video games?

LoL you need to zone people away from minions, last hit, and still NOT push lane while doing so. My Name over 6 years ago I feel like a heretic having both shortcuts right next to each other on my desktop Pantheon modwls 6 years ago Sable: Sir Dupre over jodels years ago oh look, it's Hitler: Valve just wants people to have fun with it ; Octo over 6 years ago Not complaining about the DotA comics but I do love when you pull a LoL comic.

Compare Perverse Sexual Lust. When it's an adaptation that ups a plain character's sexiness, it's Adaptational Attractiveness. Sign In Get listed now and it have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Now, who does fanon! Snape look like? Snape's hairstyle to Sephiroth's. There will be a quiz on this later.

More about Senran Kagura Burst Re: Wesley is Fanservixe deputy editor. Why are fanservice models bad for video games?

likes news, interviews, and more news. He also likes Street Fighter more than anyone can get him to shut up about it. Feature Ultra-light 'honeycomb' mice are the next big thing in PC gaming gear. Gakes? 64 pops up in an age-rating listing for PC and PS4. You need a Bethesda account to play the original Doom on Nintendo Switch.

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Savior is a Metroidvania with animations good enough to impress the Prince of Persia. Death Stranding trailer reveals character whose heart stops every 21 minutes. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Never miss a thing.

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