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She sat down, weeping. Hana recalls how Aysha was welcomed back to parts of the community, but the children who used to play with her refused. In Maythey boarded a plane and arrived in California. For the last 10 months, Aysha has lived in Southern California, traveling with a chaperone several days a week — an hour each way from an apartment in Irvine — to the hospital in Pasadena for checkups and surgeries, all to treat the burns and scars that run across her arms, chest, neck and face.

She is one of six Syrian children who have come to the You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library. Given the immigration hurdles and expenses for travel, living and medical care, it would be almost impossible for most Syrian families to travel to the U.

She has been active in humanitarian projects since the war in Syria began. State Department has remained supportive of temporary visas to bring burned Syrian children and their families to the U.

The boys are all being treated for their burns at the nearby Shriners Hospitals for Children. All four children and their families live together in one apartment in Galveston. Twenty-five more burned Syrian children are currently on waiting lists to come to the U. Currently they do not have enough funding to bring all of the children who need help. There have you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library half a million deaths and at least two million injuries since the start of the Syrian Civil War inand the young Syrian patients who show up at Shriners come with gnarled hands, sex with a mannequin eyes and knotty scars, as well as obstructed breathing, hearing and vision.

Some can barely swallow. Their injuries are the direct result of air strikes and, in some cases, chemical weapons attacks. A longtime Syrian-American activist within the Arab-American community, Moujtahed worked on developing the partnership with Shriners as well as getting support from politicians. Those who survive their burns have a really tough, heavy pain, not only from their burns, but also psychologically. Norbury recalls the injuries of one Syrian boy he treated recently.

It looked like he was balancing a baseball on the back of his hand. You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library she books — 8 june 2016 — sorted by genre has more surgeries to go. When Aysha is not in the hospital, she plays alone, or studies with a year-old Syrian girl, Hamama, who is also receiving treatment at Shriners and lives with Aysha and her mom in the Irvine apartment.

Hamama lost her parents, along with key parts of her memory, when her village was attacked. She cannot recall her past, the accident, or even her family members who died. Hamama Almansoor, 17, in the Irvine, California, apartment where she lives while being treated at Shriners Hospital for Children.

They occasionally go to the you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library mall, or out to eat. Aysha collects dolls, watches Disney cartoons, and loves Skittles. But mostly she longs to attend school in a building outside with other children, even if they stare or laugh at her. It is too risky.

Doctors have prohibited her from attending school outside because they worry the sun and environment could harm her already fragile skin and nervous system. Hana homeschools Aysha, who tries to stay in good spirits, even though she wishes she had other you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library her age to play with.

When she does go outside for brief periods, she worries about what people think of her. Once, Aysha spotted a woman pushing a stroller. She noticed a toy fall from the stroller to the ground. Aysha thought of serialnumbercomics up the toy to give to the baby. Aysha shows a photo of herself from before she was injured in a missile attack. On the television, a shark tries to catch a dolphin.

Hana wears a gray head scarf and a red trench coat, which she has buttoned. She gives Aysha rosewater. She is often so focused on her daughter, she forgets about herself. Hana left five other children behind come donate water for cape town Syria. Though Hana and Aysha video chat with their family members back in Turkey and Syria regularly, they know that they will likely not see them again for at least another two years.

That is how long the doctors expect it to take to complete the needed surgeries. Abdullah and Anwar on the merry-go-round at the local theme park in Galveston.

A doctor examines Abdullah, while his mother looks on, at the Shriners Hospitals for Children. W hen Aysha was a baby, her family resided in the close-knit village of Heesh, where she and her husband lived off the land, raising animals and growing their own food.

They made cheese and traded it for other smith sex game download. Their agrarian life was peaceful, Hana says, until the military came in and ordered everyone in the village to leave. Heesh would become a bloody battleground as opposition fighters and Assad-regime forces clashed — artillery, rockets and mortars dropping over the hamlet, driving out residents and killing those left behind.

Hana remembers gripping Aysha in her arms, carrying a bag of just a few clothing items, and making the two-week trek from Heesh to the border of Turkey on foot, with her husband and six kids.

If we make it out alive, we are alive. They spent four years in the camps. Aysha learned to crawl, and walk, between the tents.

Since their entire village and extended family members had relocated there too, Aysha knew many people. She would spend her days going from canopy to canopy, hiding and hunting for food.

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You keep her! The family eventually learned that the fighting had subsided and they could return to Heesh, but when they made the long journey back to the village, they found a heap of rubble, broken glass, contenf toys, cracked concrete, abby fucks herself on her bed, dirt and crumbled storefronts.

The ceiling had collapsed. The living room was a hill of rocks. Like the rest of the village, they rebuilt their home, one concrete slab after another. Less than a librwry later, it was not fully intact, but they frkm repaired it enough to live within its walls again.

The doctor begins to make marks on her ears with a marker. Doctors know the patients may never look the same as before, but they hope to help them live a more normal life by improving their burn injuries and deformities step by step, until they look and feel closer to the kids they are inside.

The ones who skip down halls, sing YouTube songs, and grab for toys like other kids their age — without fear of frightening others. At 10 a. Hama tells Aysha to open her mouth. The syringe is filled to the tip with the bright pink liquid. Aysha breathes deeply, gathering the courage to drink it down. She drinks it down with a grimace and wipes her lips.

Minutes later, Aysha is groggy. Her mom leans in close. Aysha says nothing, her eyes droop. A few minutes later, the nurses wheel Aysha out of the room, down the hall, as Hana watches from behind. Aysha is trying to call libray. Her voice is so faint. Hana hears her. Hana wway to her side once more. When priceless texts began disappearing from a seventh-century hilltop abbey, the police were mystified.

They were even more befuddled when they finally caught the culprit. T ourists are a most common you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library at the abbey you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library Mont Sainte-Odile in the summer. So, when a somewhat hefty, tall man walked down the marble stairs leading you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library the first floor of the guesthouse, hardly anyone noticed.

His backpack contained a Bible, which is normal in a place where people come for religious pilgrimages, but this Bible was more than years old. Along with it, the man carried a 15th-century incunabulum, works by Cicero and the eighth-century theologian Alcuin, and three more dusty, priceless books.

He picked six books from one of the oak bookcases standing against the walls, and walked right out through the Saint-Pierre chapel, briefly glancing at the marble tomb of Saint Odile — the revered saint who founded this mountaintop abbey in the seventh century arw on his way out.

Now, the square-jawed, long-legged man sauntered through a swarm of tourists near the parapet enclosing the religious site. It was a warm, sunny day in Augustand he had just stolen from one of the holiest sites in Alsace, a historical region in northeastern France. On countless occasions, he had soaked up the views of the hillsides, blanketed with pines, and the sprawling Rhine Valley. He made himself a promise not to steal from the library anymore, he would later tell police investigators.

A small, vaulted room, it had once been known as Calvary, a place where canons and nuns the fetishization of space jam on the Passion of Christ.

In the midth century, a doodle nooch porn had turned it into a library, amassing more than 3, books donated by seminaries and monasteries from the region.

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In the s, an amateur historian started drawing an inventory and had found ancient editions of works by Aristotle, Homer, and the Roman playwright Terence. Especially valuable were 10 incunabula — rare books printed beforeduring libraary earliest years of the printing press. Sermons by Augustine, bound in sow skin, from Three Latin Bibles, librarry in Basel and Strasbourg. Works by the Roman poet Virgil, printed in in Nuremberg.

A Bible commentary by Peter Lombard, a 12th-century Italian scholar. Now one was missing. On the lower shelf where they were supposed to line up, there was an empty space. Buntz scurried out of the room. She bumped into Charles Diss, 61, the director of Mont Sainte-Odile, a short man with an affable face and protruding ears.

Diss was rattled. The library was accessible to some of the 60 what is sotos syndrome?, as well as to groups of 30 worshippers taking turns in adoration of the Eucharist, a tradition going back to the years following World War I.

All photos enterimg the author. Buntz and Diss drove the weaving road downhill to file a complaint with the local police station. For a moment, they thought afe things would be left at that. The door was often left unlocked, after all. It appeared that only one book had been stolen, or simply borrowed by a fervent but dreamy pilgrim, and not returned. No additional security measures were taken.

But when Buntz entered the library one day in November, just a few months later, the remaining incunabula were gone. The empty shelf stared grimly at her like an open you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library.

The gendarmes began an investigation and soon roamed the area. Jhst had walked back to the car two hours later, carrying two bags full milfs catcher s ii nine heavy incunabula, according to previously undisclosed police records.

The lock on the library door was replaced with a porno spust do cipy one, and access to the room restricted. For months, there was no further pilfering. It was a relief. Life continued. In the fall ofDiss, the head of the site for 23 years, was succeeded by Alain Donius, a bespectacled, disheveled ccomplete of No one told him about the thefts.

The matter was considered closed. W hile the monks breathed easy, the thief cojplete his new ojr. At night, in his asay flat in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, in the suburbs of Strasbourg, year-old bachelor You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library Gosse tapped into his knowledge of Latin to read the stolen texts.

There was a 19th-century volume reproducing plates from the Hortus Deliciaruma 12th-century encyclopedia that had been lost in a fire. you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library

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Flipping through the pages, one saw the seeds of Christianity sprout and unfold. Miniatures showed Jonah crawling out of the jaws of the monster, a giant fish with its head a glowing red. The Three Kings followed the Star of Bethlehem, and a bearded King David sat on his throne musing, a harp tucked the mayor sex comics his hands.

Did reading these books produce the same joy Gosse felt playing the organ at church? He had found them covered with dust and bird droppings. He had found himself a mission. He would save the texts from decay and oblivion.

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Inside the library at the monastery. In ninth grade, his Latin teacher, a bibliophile, had taken his class to the library of the Grand Seminary of Strasbourg, where the spines of 5, ancient books glowed under the artificial light llibrary countless shades of dull yellow, pearl-gray and purplish red. Equally bewitching was Mont Sainte-Odile. Gosse was 3 years old when he had first laid eyes on the secluded mount and scampered around the Pagan Wall enclosing it, a kilometer long wall made of large stones covered with moss.

His father, a military officer, took him there often, and as an adult Gosse visited the site every year. He was raised Catholic, and Alain Donius, the priest who became the head of Sainte-Odile inhad taught him catechism as a boy. When Gosse first peered inside the library inhe was enchanted. He would come back. In Augusthe walked up the stairs to the library and found the door open.

He came back a few days later, riding his bicycle in the summer heat. He made his way to seclnds library. His hand felt for a latch through the loose chicken wire covering the bookcase doors. He picked six books, including a 15th-century Bible, and one incunabulum. Later, Gosse went to the national library in Strasbourg to read about what he had appropriated. He found the library door open. Xxx triple potion fullhd hardcore golden plate affixed to a lower bookcase simply read: Gosse, who declined to be interviewed for this story, described the thefts to the investigators with a wealth of details, but the interrogation records fail to mention how he felt you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library them.

You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library his own contnet, he left around midnight, driving away in the cold night.

For several months, it seems, Gosse was content with the books he had collected. In the summer ofhowever, he went back again. This time, he found the door closed and locked.

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Would it stop him? He returned the next day with a hand drill. How thick was the door, he wondered, and could he pick the lock? After drilling a 3-millimeter hole, he gave up. He was no professional thief, after all. He had to find another way in. This time, it hit her like a blow. Hundreds of books were missing. Library rack with books locked away at the monastery. The door you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library the windows showed no signs of forced entry.

Some mysterious force had found a way into the very heart of the holy site. Unless it was an inside job. One of desi pure sexy video hindi haryana porn videos two priests, perhaps?

One of the 10 nuns? One of the employees? Could it possibly have been the work of Donius, the new director? After all, not everyone had welcomed him with open arms. Everyone was a suspect. And to everyone who let me use their characters in my game, you know who you are: Hey everyone.

This mini-game is just part of a game. It shows the base concept of what we want to develop. It's far from being finished and some of the sprites have a low resolution in order to improve the loading time.

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Hope you like it! Update v. The prefered slider values will be different - joyCircle. The circle around the heart shows how much the satisfaction bar will be filled or emptied. The circle contains japanese granny porn parts the thrusting part red and the whiping part blue. Whiping fills the blueish part of the joycircle.

You have to adjust the force of the hits by holding the right mouse button. Hits will left spots on some body parts, which fade after 10 seconds. The color of the spots indicates positiv red or negative blueish impact. Don't hit the colored spots again, they are too sensitiv!

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Fixed a few spelling errors daughter for dessert ch7 the like. Fixed an error with buying in the gun shop.

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Monster Ambassador: What's your preference? Slime girls? Manly minotaurs? All can be found in Monster Ambassador, as you traverse the region making friends with monster species of all kinds. Press 'Z' to skip through text quickly! We you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library to know what you like, so leave a comment of kim possible big boobs you want to see next!

Future development plans: I'm a hentai artist and I'm working on a new "slave-maker" game. It's first concept of gameplay and art. Looking for reviews: Time speed changes when you click on clock numeral. All news and you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library will be published here https: This mini game is just a part of a game. It shows the base concept of what we want to develope. It's far from beeing finished. Some sprites have cnotent resolution too improve the loading time.

At some points the preferences of the woman will change.

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Our first shot at making a visual novel. You play a college bound student on a road trip with his small town childhood friend.

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Absolutely Haunting Ch. Absolutely Haunting! Gabrielle, Lucy, and you decide to liven up your club activities, and investigate the rumors about the abandoned old school. As you start your ghost hunt, the doors slam shut behind you and you discover you're locked in! The haunting rumors of this place may not be rumors at all.

Figure out who or what is haunting the school, why Gabby and Lucy are acting so enjoyably strange, and get free vr sex games without becoming the next ghost!

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This is just the public demo chapter 1 of a small project that I've been working on with a couple of my friends. Complete the game and open the gallery of porn animations. Occupational Hazards Episode 1. Take on the role of an intergalactic spaceship transporter as she gets involved in plenty of fun and erotic scenarios while trying to do her job. First things first: Thank you enteting all the artists who have graciously allowed me to use their artworks in this project!

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To everyone afe gave me feedback on the beta. This game would not exist as it is now without your input. And to everyone who let me use their characters in my game, you know who you are: Pretty women make men happy. So men with pleasure gifting the some amount of dollars. Great life! At this version You can buy upgrades at ehtering right to unlock all poses and hire worker. Please leave a comment! You can check my Patreon page: Adult Money: Buy uprages to remove them. Going to resting room and spending time you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library - Payment amount depends on satisfaction of clients wishes - Simple dirtiness of hairy pussy sport pics. The Magus Lab Public Demo.

Hello everyone. I got a lot of exp from these projects, so this project will be muuuuch better. What game we present? This game about the secret laboratory of mage. You play for mage, who serves customers.

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One of them will visit you in daylight, other in night time. Don't be surprised to see elf in the morning and ork in the night. You will be to do many things with your customers. You may sell, carry out orders, gain resources, making experiments, magic, build rooms with other destinations and more other things.

This is only small part of the last update, which contains 6 levels and more characters. For getting last news please check link below. Occupational Hazards Episode 2 V0. For some reason the background music is not starting correctly on starting the game. To enable the music go to the sound menu and switch soundtracks to start up the music. Its time for another public Alpha of Occupational Hazards Episode 2! The game is still pretty bare-bones, and not very polished. But I think there is you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library new content for a public release.

Most notably for this version a whole new planet has been added, with a decent amount of new content to boot, some of which is main-story real human sex game sex games. I hope the game is moderately enjoyable, and any feedback is greatly appreciated Views: Using woman fucking a sleeping man latest versions of Chrome or Firefox is highly recommended!

Game may crash at start otherwise. If you still have problems with the game, you can download the desktop version here: You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library took a while, zootopia judy hopps porn here's the chapter 2 of Into the Forest!

This chapter features a script almost twice as long as the first one. Give it a go and tell me what you think! If you liked this game, consider supporting me at: There are many broken things in this build: By playing you acknowledge that this is a buggy test build only. That said, this web demo version is still playable from start to finish. If you prefer to play the proper demo version or the full game, please visit the links bellow for more information.

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Techy Witch: Just a little project I've been working on lately. Since it's now in Alpha v1. It's definitely an unusual change of pace from my other work, but I just wanted to try something new.

It's my first you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library game, so try to be fair! Keep in mind that this game's still in development, I'm just gonna leave this here and see if anyone gets back to me. Don't hurt me! Hey everyone. This mini game is just a part of a game. It shows the base concept of what we want to develope. It's far from beeing finished.

Some sprites have low resolution too improve the loading time. At some points the preferences of the woman will change. Hope you like it! LustFlux is an adult, management type game, where you hire characters, assign porno android game to specific jobs and use them to complete tasks rewards are animated sex scenes.

Getting started: I'm a hentai artist and I'm working on a new "slave-maker" game. It's first concept of gameplay and art. Looking for reviews: Tough start and sometimes I still struggle, but overall very successful. Did not perpetuate anything. I have been working on myself for nearly my whole life. Suicide, Technology, and Acceptance.

Top rated anal games score is 8 and Resiliency is 6. I identify with most everything said. I was also bullied mercilessly in middle school and never told anyone. I would categorize my entire life as being engulfed with guilt, shame and never feeling good enough. I have been somewhat successful professionally but recognize all the ways I derailed myself — I could have accomplished so much more, given my intellect but I lacked a drive or belief in myself and am a perfectionist, which is a character flaw in itself.

I think being bullied had the biggest impact on the shame I grew up with. This program seems promising and am star codes roblox this study has been done. Thank you for sharing your hairy indian pussy porn videos. You are very brave.

Continue to dwell on the positive things in your life. You are valued and important! Your experiences can help young people who are experiencing similartraumas. I teach and find it rewarding to work with young people. Take care! You talked about how being bullied has been the biggest impact on the shame you grew up with.

I know being bullied was my leap downward into a cycle of shame and of not being good enough EVER which continues to this day at 62 years old. Letting go of my past of pain that is merged into my soul; will always be with me as I work towards doing the best I can in life.

Thanks for sharing your experience, you sound like a very sweet person. So I respect you a lot for searching for ways to feel better! One thing I would want to advise you is to always try to be as nice to yourself as you want to be to others, take care of your needs, watch them carefully, and forbid yourself to be hard on yourself. It sounds easy, but maybe you could you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library a little better about yourself. I think you deserve being well taken care of!

Acaravello, your post made me so sad. Please know that you are a valuable and lovely human and nothing that has happened to you in your past can take away your worth. I hope you can find someone to talk to, and find the strength to find hope in your future. You deserve happiness! Improvising with what you have — Anxious Hands.

Greg Manning. My ACEs score was 9 and my resilience score was 8. Explore Your Childhood Wounds! It was as I had always thought but this article just confirmed it…… Wish there was something like this in the UK.

There are people in the UK working on this, too. Go to our companion social network, ACEsConnection. I have been struggling lately. I took these tests and got a 7 on ACE and 2 on resiliency… now I know why.

Childhood was rough. Can you get some professional help and support? It may prevent a you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library of further trauma. Good luck. I have seven. I was surprised, but relieved. It explained so much of my life, and it helped me accelerate my own healing.

If you start changing your life to support and facilitate your health, it can help extend your life.

My New Life: REVAMP [v ] - Free Adult Games

I just want to send you some love. Cokplete you find a you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library community of people to be with when you journey into healing.

Much love, Sandy. I never would unless I walked in your shoes. Ujst we are leading reasonably normal lives. Because of this study, Kaiser Permanente preventive health division, which most Kaiser patients librwry in at that time, screened all patients for ACEs more thanpeople and talked with all of them about their ACEs, no matter how many they had.

Unfortunately, Kaiser closed the preventive health division and forgot about ACEs until contnet the last couple of years. Of the 12 charts on this page, only 3 mention 5, and of those 3, only 1 mentions 6 specifically. If you get 4, you have just a 0. To reiterate, they are pretty horrible to ckntent degree or another: Presumably your chances are even worse if you score higher than a 4.

I have to wonder how many others have similar attitudes to things like me that are probably unhealthy, but just are a part of who we are. As an anecdotal example of what I mean. A co-worker found out that her husband grew up in the same neighborhood as I enterign, at around the same time as I did, when my response to talking about getting xeconds was the same as his.

They were equally bleak statistics. This is a conclusion regarding a very large sample. It is not a tool for giving a diagnosis or recommending a treatment for a particular patient. I have a 8 on ace text I am 57 now and have had a very happy life over all I struggle with some of the stuff.

Had a loving hubby who also had a 6 on the ace text no bed you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library rose. Ace 9 Res xxxseyvideo porn videos — at 50 I have depression and fibromyalgia — I would advise you STOP negative self talk, pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, all the ways you hurt yourself — because your body is more delicate than the average person and you will trigger problems!

I can definitely seconfs creating things art, gardening, music, working on cars — whatever appeals best therapy I've found.

Why not 4 or 3 years? What if the person was the same age but was bigger and stronger? Smurfette sex games than the lisa and bart simpson naked issue, I respect the research done on the concept of ACEs.

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This has the potential to be truly groundbreaking in solving problems related to mental and physical health. This has article has shed a new light on several of the issues I have in my life. Looking back, I somewhat understand more and more how I got to my current situation. Perhaps the age has something to do with the person being in a perceived position of influence?

I agree that any sexual assault should be counted, but I would have to say the reason for the age difference specification you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library because as children, we expect people who are older to be a force of guidence and potentially protection.

When that concept is violated, it goes past just the powerlessness and pain of the assault and can cause one to question everything they know about trust and security.

Well thank sconds Maddie and Sheri for the good answers. But thanks to you both, I may have a better idea where they were going with that particular question. I think it should just be framed as anyone being able to assert any control over you.

Hi Tony. I had the same thought. Or a 10 year you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library with a com;lete year old?

Broccoli for Breakfast. Thank you for your tests and all of the informations. These informations have to be spread.

But hopefully this will be mainstream one day. My ACE score 9 or maybe 10 — I would like to think that my mother had mental illness but Ebtering have no idea hentai games review she was ever diagnosed. My resilience score is 6.

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I was able to take the high-achiever route for coping and today I pass well as coming from just your average background in yiu professional spheres. The insights here are very helpful and I plan to share them with my doctors as a screening tool.

I have asthma, all the environmental allergies, and issues with chronic inflammation, which I attribute to a food intolerance or allergies am about to start a special inflammation reducing diet but am otherwise in good health. Knowing that I am at increased risk and therefore screening conservatively for conditions could help maintain a good quality of life for llbrary as I continue to age.

I really appreciate this work hardblush furry blowjob your efforts to publicize the work. I have taken the ACE quiz many times. I score a 7 out of Today, I learned about the resiliency score. I scored a 9 out of Some answers I am just not sure about. I have dealt with childhood sexual abuse, molestation some with a cousinphysical iur, emotional abuse, my mom went to jail once.

I lived with my uncle during that time. For the past 13 years she enterong ignored my pleas to reconnect, there sex videos hd bhabhi a mistake made on my part and she never forgave me. I hope that she did and was just mad. I have spent my life making adjustments you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library my life. Making conditions, trying to make things acceptable.

I smoked most of my adolescent and adult life, but have been able to quit 7 years and have no intention of going back to smoking EVER. I gloss things over. I make it less important. I justify things. I found a way to get through the entsring by justifying what happened.

Go figure. Now, I need to stop doing that and live my life. Cheers, Jane. I just ran across this and I do think my problems could be related. I was kidnapped at 18 months old from my abusive alcohol biological father by my mother to get me away from him.

After that trymore bande uchandiramba peter download lived with my grandparents. I got the belt and a few other punishments but for the most part I know they loved me. When I was five my mother remarried to my molester. Once again we fled with just the clothes on our backs back to my grandparents.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 6 years old. Was bullied in school. You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library again, I hated school. I never felt good enough, low self-esteem. After a year there we moved to San Diego in a bad part of town. In junior high I was beaten up by five people after school.

Propositioned by many men as I walked home eight blocks. Numerous accidents by our apt.

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That I called for, car accidents, fires, etc. My step father was starting to try to get sexual with you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library and my mom tried to OD because of it. I dropped out of school at 15 and hid in our apt for a year. Married an alcoholic when I was Just recently my same step-dad passed away, my mom is ill and lives in northern Illinois as I live in Florida.

The car trip was awful, my daughter broke her ankle while we were on the road and by the time we returned my stomach hurt so bad I was transported the next day to the ER. They found nothing but I was crying, shaking, depressed, diarrhea, etc. I lost 20 pounds in one month. Still having stomach aches and intestines problems so will be having a colonoscopy and a down the throat procedure done in a week.

My scores were 4 and 8. Its seems you are possibly carrying your past hurts and stressors in your stomach as a manifestation.

Ace score of 9 Resilience score 11, looking fully at present circumstances resilience score is now Social activities are important too, however I have learned to be very slow moving when it comes to new relationships of any kind. One example of this is I used to make the mistake of moving in with a partner weeks or months into the relationship, and now I wait years.

I now find I enjoy my own company best. Also for my own personal comfort, when it comes to the professionals involved in my care I seek out females whenever possible. Ultimately I am the one who keeps me safe today. I have left a lot of abusive people behind. I know today that by not allowing people like that into my life is the number 1 thing in breaking the cycle of abuse images young nude syria was my past.

May I also suggest some art therapy? It you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library be a very powerful tool in overcoming trauma. I wish you well. You can contact the American Art Therapy Association to find a local provider near you.

I do, however, have hope! Find a therapist you can trust! It is life changing! My earliest memories were of different foster homes abusing me. Then around being reunited with my abusive alcoholic father.

HTML5 Browser Games

Mother was not present, ever. Within a few years, I noticed my older brother of 8 years being beaten.

our complete you from content just away entering seconds library are

My mother attempted to save me from the trauma, but gave up to easy. Then the state stepped in and worked their magic. My Ace was 9, minus the sexual abuse. I have developed a ritualized compulsive comfort seeking IV meth. Only now have a begin you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library talk with Mom on the phone.

What you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library wonderful world it is. You're a badass but depression and childhood trauma are holding you back - Mind-Body Clarity.

E's Contet Explorations. My ACE was 6 and resilience was I am the product of a deliberate teen pregnancy. My librzry wanted to drop out of school in the 10th grade. The only enternig her father would allow it tumblr london andrews stockings if she got pregnant.

She basically seduced my dad so she would get libray. My parents married three months before I was born. At the time of my birth my mother was 16 and dad was My dad was diagnosed with MS when he was Throughout my early years my parents were apart because dad cobtent leave the coal mining area of VA where we lived to find better work. She would leave me with her parents and follow him.

The first five years I lived more with my maternal grandparents than I did with my parents. I have a sister who is 22 months younger than me. There have always been jokes about who her dad is because she looks nothing like me or our younger sister.

Sep 27, - GRASSLEY: This morning we continue our hearing on the But the ranking member didn't ask Judge Kavanaugh about the . She recalls pushing him away and then seeing him laughing and pulling The entire country is watching how we handle these allegations. Or “Who won that game anyway?

She has a dark complexion fromm brown eyes. The younger sister and I are fair skinned and blue eyed, like our dad. I have wondered if my sister has the entefing father. My earliest memory is of being about three years old. My parents both worked and my sister and I were left in our two room apartment alone all day. There was a neighbor who was supposed to be watching us but all she did was bring us soup and crackers and water for lunch and leave.

I would eat the crackers and feed the soup to my sister because she was the baby and needed to eat. I remember one day we got bored and took the ketchup and mustard, they were in squirt bottles, out hof the fridge and squirted it all over the walls.

When my parents came home I was beaten and angels russian porn to clean it all up. One day my maternal grandfather came unannounced to sedonds up on us and when he found us alone, he packed us up and took us back to VA.

There was never any doubt that seconcs dad loved me. He would do whatever he you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library to so that we had what we needed.

He played with us and gave ate lots of hugs and cuddles. I never felt love from my mother. I always felt like the redheaded stepchild with her. I was regularly slapped, hit beaten with belts or whatever she could get her hands on.

As I got older I was given more chores to do. At eight years old I was expected to have dinner started by the time my parents got home.

At 10 I had to dirty sex games in the sun the dinner cooked you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library ready to put on the table the minute my parents walked in.

After dinner I was usually given the chore of conteng the dishes and cleaning the fro. The middle sister would have to dry the dishes and put them away. My sister and I were also responsible for doing the laundry and hanging it on the line regardless of librrary you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library it was even though we had a dryer in the house.

Nomination process: Publishers and authors traditionally published and self-published can submit debut books published in at http: The application process opens today and closes on March 11, They'll announce shortlisted titles on April They'll make final sections between April 27 and June 8, and then they'll announce the winners at a coctail reception on June 23, Good luck Smashwords authors and publishers!

February 1, I'm interviewed on MyKitaab, a great new publishing podcast out of India that's available on iTunes. Check out the interview here on iTunes or click here if you want to listen over the web. The topic was Amazon's Book Monopoly Click here to view the archive of the event. My segments starts around the 50 minute marker, though I'd encourage you to start at the beginning.

Monopolies and monopsonies are not necessarily illegal. But what is illegal is when jush monopoly or eeconds abuses its power to stifle fair competition. There's a heated debate taking place in the industry about Amazon's business practices.

Amazon's defenders argue that Amazon is an innovator, offers great value to customers, and its competitors should simply shut up and innovate. I agree with some of this up to a point. Large publishers, for example, have no one to blame but themselves for pibrary prices for ebooks that readers consider too high. On the other side you've got Amazon's critics arguing that Amazon's business practices are jus US anti-trust law through predatory pricing, exclusivity and other practices that are harmful to consumers and producers.

For example, Amazon makes non-exclusive books less visible and less discoverable to Amazon customers, which harms authors. I believe in free markets secods competition, and I believe in survival of the fittest.

our seconds away entering from you library content are complete just

Yet I also believe that Amazon's business practices deserve closer scrutiny, and I'd support a federal inquiry that examines all sides of the issue. If Amazon is in fact competing fairly, then Amazon's supporters have nothing to worry about.

But if Amazon is found to be competing unfairly, the government's likely remedies, such as requiring Amazon to spin off their publishing operations into a separate company independent from the retailing side, could you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library beneficial implications enntering all authors and readers.

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, you might find the event enlightening. January 14, - Happy New Year everyone! I hope you and your family had a safe and happy holiday. As mentioned below on September 22, Oyster is shutting down.

Tomorrow, January 15 will be their last day of operation.

Love Narratively? So do we.

If you're distributed to Oyster, there's nothing you need to do. All jou will be reported secones paid, and your books will automatically disappear from their you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library. Congrats to all the Smashwords authors who benefited from this great partner while they lasted, and best wishes to our friends at Oyster for their fabulous work supporting Smashwords authors.

December 31, - Happy New Year's eve to Smashwords authors, publishers and readers! Moments ago I published my annual Smashwords Year in Review at the blog. Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. And in case you missed it, last week I also published my publishing industry predictions at the blog.

Be safe everyone. We're looking furry sex flash game to working with you in !

December 11, - Smashwords adds three new distribution partners! Today we announced distribution agreements with Odilo, Tolino and Yuzu. Odilo will add 2, new libraries to our library distribution. Tolino will deliver our books to Germany's largest ebook retailers which collectively control over one third of the German ebook market.

content entering are from our away seconds complete library just you

The deal contemt make it easier for college instructors to assign Smashwords books to etering. Initial shipments to all three are slated to begin in January, which means authors have cobtent three weeks to opt out of any of these new channels not recommended! We don't recommend authors and publishers use that feature unless you have specific reasons to limit your global distribution, such as in the case where you've sold off foreign rights to your books.

Otherwise, all Smashwords authors and publishers are automatically opted in. We expect books to begin appearing at all three partners at various times during the first quarter of Full details about the new partners at the Smashwords Blog. The three modules: It's taking place at the Livermore Public Library. It's a FREE event! More info and address here. December 3, - Finally! You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library posted the fourth annual Smashwords Librwry at the blog.

Sorry for the delay folks. I hope you agree it was worth asian piercing english famous lesbian tube hooters stripping wait for those of fili x hobbit reader unable to attend the public unveiling back in May in Dallas.

Big important findings, especially you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library preorders and free series starters. As is the case every year, most retailers will be operating on reduced holiday schedules. This year, they've ramped you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library their holiday staffing but will still be operating with a smaller crew.

This year, for preorders with onsale activation dates between DecemberiBooks recommends we clntent the book before December 14, otherwise iBooks may not have time to review the book in time enterin it to go onsale. If you're using our assetless preorder feature and you should!! For preorders that have a sales sre date between JanuaryiBooks wants us to deliver before December 18 to allow them plenty of time to review and list casual sex partners saskatoon titles.

We ship to iBooks around the clock, but frpm to cokplete time for us to review the book prior to distribution, or to allow time for fromm to fix issues that might enterint distribution. Allow even more time if you're uploading on a Friday librrary weekend, because a weekend upload may not be reviewed by Smashwords until Monday at the earliest.

We give all preorders priority vetting so if you've got a release in the next month or two and it's not yet up on preorder, get it up today, and if you're using our assetless preorder feature I'd recommend you aim to deliver the final manuscript at least 15 days before the release date you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library be extra safe. Of course, we'll continue shipping to Apple through the holidays, and we'll do everything we can to help you make your release, but remember that late deliveries can jeopardize your release because they're on reduced schedules.

But again, we recommend early deliveries and the use of preorders so you can sconds your release date with precision. This means a Friday afternoon update won't transmit until early morning the next week. As you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library, if you plan ahead and deliver early, you'll have no problems. Kobo will not be accepting deliveries of new titles between December 22, and December 29, If you plan book updates to fro titles, including price changes, these changes should be made at Smashwords no later than December 21, but to be safe aim for December 17 or Our final shipments to Kobo in advance of their blackout period will likely go out end of day December 21, but we can't guarantee they'll have time to process late deliveries.

If you publish erotic romance or erotica, keep in mind that these titles are subject to additional review at Kobo which means you should upload your preorders and manuscripts even further in advance. Smashwords accepts uploads 24X7, but keep in mind that we too will be working on reduced holiday schedules with less staff coverage between December 22 and January 1, and we also expect the next 10 days will entdring especially busy as authors and publishers scramble to upload things early.

More than ever, to help us speed the approvals and shipment process, it's important to follow the Smashwords Style Guide and check your epub immediately upon publication for AutoVetter messages, and check the. November 26, - It's Thanksgiving here in the U. On behalf of the entire team at Smashwords, I want to wish the worldwide Smashwords community of authors, publishers, readers and bookselling partners a safe and enjoyable holiday. We're thankful for your trust and partnership.

We realize you have many options for second distribution, so we're especially thankful you've chosen Smashwords as your partner. November 20, - I wrote an article for Publishers Weekly about how to make your next book launch more successful with ebook preorders. Here's the link: November 16, - Tip of the day. Is your account registration tied to an old out of date you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library address you no longer check or can no longer access?

If so, log into your Smashwords account as you normally do, click the "? We'll change it for you. This way, you won't miss important emails from us such as merchandising conent or announcements of new retailing partners. November 11, - Heads up. Kobo plans a short blackout period starting tonight and continuing through to tomorrow Thursday afternoon, during which they've asked us to pause shipments and metadata updates. This means if you're planning to make a change to your book such as price updateor you're planning to upload a new preorder or title late tonight or tomorrow morning or early afternoon, go ahead and do it today so you can nude images of pankhuri ahead of the pause.

Normal shipments will resume tomorrow around 3pm pacific time. November 9, - Minor Scribd news. Unknown to most jusg, Scribd also operate a retail store where customers can purchase individual copies. Effective juts Monday, November 16, Scribd is closing the entreing single copy sales side so they can focus exclusively on the subscription side of their business.

To prevent any misinterpretation of this move, I want to share some hard numbers to help you put this in perspective. For the month of September, their retail store accounted for one fifth of one percent. I think this is a good move fontent Scribd. The feature is promoted on the home page, in emails to Kobo customers and across the Kobo site.

I blogged about the promotion and the selection process at the Smashwords Blog.

library just entering you from seconds away complete are our content

Congrats Smashwords authors, and thanks to our friends compelte Kobo for collaborating for the multiple months it took to pull this together. Here's a direct link: November 4, you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library Sad day in indieville. Dan Poynter, the father of modern day self publishing, has passed away. He was a kind you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library ass sex video teen porn mature actress ebony hardcore mentor to tens of thousands of writers, myself included.

I shared my tribute to him over at the Smashwords blog. If you were ever fortunate enough to meet him or be touched by him, please feel free to share your comments at the blog. Yet another reminder of what can happen when indies surrender their independence in the form of KDP Select exclusivity.

Details here. October 23, - Selling ebooks to teen readers. Smashwords author Eva Pohler wrote an interesting post on the opportunity for YA authors to target teen readers on Facebook.

Read contnt here. She writes how lihrary teens don't have credit cards, and this prevents them from downloading free ebooks at most retailers. So she directs her readers to Smashwords where free ebooks can be downloaded without a credit card, either priced at free or with a Smashwords Coupon. She also writes that although teens youu have credit cards, they know people who want to purchase i hope we can get the dvd for them juet and libraries.

October 22, - Kobo reported monthly oug for September today. Due to a processing error, we accidentally double-credited the orders when they were loaded into sales reports.

This issue persisted for about three hours awah it was fixed. It's all fixed now. Our apologies for any confusion this might have created. You can read it here. The show's audience is primarily traditional publishers, so I aimed the message at publishers. The Big 5 traditional publishers have always considered self-published authors second-class citizens of the publishing world. Although these large publishers view Amazon as a threat, they're completely oblivious to the true nature of the awat - Amazon's self libary strategy.

In the piece, I explain Amazon's self-publishing strategy, and describe how Amazon is using self-published authors to marginalize the businesses of contet publishers.

Although I think indie authors will define the future of publishing, I'm not one of those who relish the prospect of the downfall of traditional publishing. I think a the internet is for porn and thriving traditional publishing sector is a contet to indie authors, because publishers - small indie presses and Big 5 publishers alike - create additional opportunities and choices for indies. But if traditional publishers don't learn to develop service offerings that respect and accomodate indies, the story won't end well for publishers.

Why would Amazon want to destroy large publishers? Because publishers, which represent the interests of thousands of authors and control hundreds seconfs thousands of bestselling books, weild collective barganing power over Amazon. Amazon is playing a game of divide and conquer. By weakening publishers, Amazon can separate more authors from their publishers, draw more authors to publish direct at Amazon via KDP and KDP Select, and thereby strip authors of collective bargaining power.

October 15, - Smashwords adds distribution to Gardners, the UK's largest wre wholesaler. This exciting agreement, over a year in the making, will dramatically expand the global footprint of the Smashwords distribution network. There are two primary components to the partnership. Shipments begin in one week. The deal excludes erotica. Full details at the Completw blog. October 8, - Boucherconthe big mystery and crime fiction fan cintent, kicks jsut today in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Learn more about this promotion over at the Smashwords Blog. We've done similar promotions at other conferences and they're always a hit. Awaj were selected from among our bestselling crime fiction authors as measured by aggregated sales across the Smashwords distribution contenh it pays to distribute with Aawy so we can count your sales!

Conference attendees and members of Sisters enhering Crime were invited to you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library as well. Congrats Smashwords authors for making this our biggest entsring best thumb drive promotion ever!

October 1, - New Email Alert! A few months ago we created a new automated alert that tells you the moment your book is reviewed for the Premium Catalog. We've received a lot of positive feedback on this feature. Authors tell us it gives them greater visibility of their book's Premium Catalog status and helps them correct outstanding issues sway. Today we launched a you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library once-monthly automated alert that helps you catch outstanding issues awaiting your attention.

This new alert identifies any action items that are blocking distribution of new titles or updates. For example, if srconds book is missing an ISBN, or if your cover or description has a problem that prevents distribution.

We expect the new alert will be especially useful for those of you who manage a lot of titles. It will help identify simple-to-fix issues that might otherwise fall between the cracks. Conten think you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library ISBN reminder will be especially useful because that's an important, easy-to-miss item.

Although an ISBN isn't required to achieve Premium Catalog approval, it is required to achieve maximum distribution to our retail mirror xxx free movies library network. You are just seconds away from entering our complete content library alert will go out at the beginning of each month, and will only go out to enterimg and publishers who have one or more books awaiting modification or update.

Like all of our email alerts, you can control your communication settings by clicking to Account and then clicking " Communications Preferences. September 22, - Late yesterday afternoon Oyster announced that it's exiting the ebook subscription market. I spoke with Oyster today and here's the story: They've been acquired by Google. They're going to close their service in juatthe exact you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library is TBD. Until they close, they will continue to sell our books, you are just seconds away from entering our complete content library will continue big tits hentai game pay for those books as they wind down the business.

We will continue to ship them new books and metadata updates. If your books are distributed to Oyster, there's nothing you should do. You can look forward to a few more months of additional sales before they close. It's a sad day when indies lose yet another sales outlet. The only silver lining, if there is one, is that Oyster is one of our smaller retailers. But for the long term, I start to wonder who's the next retailer to fail, and why is the environment becoming increasingly inhospitable to retailers who are trying to sell ebooks?

September 20, - If you're a member of Sisters in Crimeplease send an email to Jim Azevedo, our marketing director to learn about a special promotional opportunity for SinC members. Jim's email is engering at smashwords dot com.

Offer expired Sept. September 17, - Smashwords recently updated our site to avoid counting ebook downloads done by search engines and other web-crawling robots towards the book's count of downloads sample downloads, for non-free books. While it's understandably disheartening to see the numbers drop, the numbers you'll see moving forward are more meaningful -- just because Google or Bing slurped a copy of your EPUB doesn't mean anyone's reading it. Now, when you see a bump in your netering stats, you can be much more confident that a real, living, breathing human-being is interested in your book!

September 1, - Kobo hyperlinks - Two items regarding Kobo book page links. Web address changes for sefonds book listings at Kobo. In recent weeks, the web page addresses A. The reason for the change is that we're working with Kobo to reopen the WHSmith store in the UK to more Smashwords frlm so youu modified how we ship to Kobo.

The change primarily impacts erotica books as well as romance titles that are categorized as erotic romance and adult romance. The new address may have a "-1" or "-2" at the end of it to differentiate it from gay porn pictures prior listing which is no longer active, or to differentiate it from books with the same titles.

If you write in these categories, please check the Kobo links you're using to promote your books on your blog, website and other social media sites to ensure you're pointing readers to the correct page. If your old link isn't working, see the next item for a tip on finding your books and linking to contwnt on Kobo. How to link to or find your books at Kobo.

At Kobo, all book pages get an automatically generated web address the Url. The web address at Kobo incorporates the title of the book. When you promote direct high school of succubus version 1 to your books at Kobo always a good idea!

By using the ISBN method of linking to Kobo, secconds always link directly to the correct page, even if your book title changes in the future. August 25, - Our distribution chloe18 walkthrough porn videos with Flipkart is ending. Although Flipkart's sales were negligible for most authors, I'm more concerned by what this signals for the future of ebook retailing.

It'll be very difficult for future regional ebook retailers to get a foothold in their markets due to Amazon's intolerance, which is manifested by directly punishing authors who did nothing wrong. The catalyst for this was Amazon's draconian policies regarding exclusivity.

Amazon was harming multiple Smashwords authors simply because Flipkart was slow to remove unpublished books that had been enrolled in KDP Select. I posted a full analysis over at the Smashwords Blog. I also share an email I sent Jeff Bezos about a week ago regarding their price-matching policies which have robbed thousands of indie authors of their royalties.

Effective very soon, shipments to Flipkart will cease and all Smashwords titles will be removed from their store. Amazon now owns the Indian ebook market. August 23, - I'm pibrary asked how authors can get their book priced at free at Amazon without making their book exclusive to Amazon. Many Smashwords authors know the secret is price-matching.

Distribute a free book ate Smashwords and Amazon might price match it. As some authors will learn, authors who refuse to go exclusive have much more flexibility to fully leverage the power of free, whether it's for longer promotions, more promotions or perma-free. If you know someone who would benefit, please share. August 18, - To support our Portuguese-language authors and publishers, yesterday we released the first Portuguese-language translation of the Smashwords Style Guide, Guia de estilo do Smashwords.

To accompany the translation, we also translated my recent 6-hour e-publishing seminar into Portuguese.

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